About Us

First In Line Entertainment Ltd (operating as Firstinlineja.com) was designed with you in mind as we provide you with ‘First World’ services for your event. We are fast, convenient and secure and our mission is to always exceed your expectations.

1ST Choice for Organizers

Event Organizers, Look No Further As We are the first Choice To Provide

  • Online Ticket Sales
  • Promotions and Advertising
  • New Media
  • Email Blast
  • Event Execution / Management through our partners
    • - Catering
    • - Decor
    • - Staging & Lighting
    • - Security
    • - Ticketing
    • - RFID Wrist Bands (Coming Soon)

Some Advantages of Choosing Are:

  • Cost savings on printing tickets.
  • Funds are secure as all transactions are conducted online with security as our 1st priority.
  • Reduce the risk of discrepancies with ticket outlets.

1ST Choice for Patrons

You will be the 1st to tickets, ticket discounts, early bird tickets, ticket give aways & so much more. 1st is all we know and 1st is what you’ll love because we will provide you with multiple ways to PAY! And some of the advantages when you’re 1st are:

  • Convenience; as you can remotely purchase tickets anywhere there is data connection.
  • Save time and avoid traffic.
  • Full Information about the event.
  • Pay less online.
  • Super fast check out
  • 'TOP FLIGHT' online security as we will be working assiduously to protect you with the latest and best solutions.

Be '1st' & enjoy the convenience as you leave everything to us. Give us a call today & experience what being 'FIRST' is all about.

  • Phone: (876) 298-6483
  • Email: info@firstinlineja.com